Legends Football Leagues are 7-a-side versions of American Football where women are dressed in skimpy outfits with little protection other than helmets like Ice Hockey helmets and elbow and knee pads.

They started off as the Lingerie Bowl in 2004 as a rival to the Super Bowl Halftime Show which some fans had said was too long and boring. In 2009 a full league was started and in 2013, following criticism of the lingerie, the name was changed to the Legends Football League and the women played in crop tops and bicycle shorts.

Lingerie Bowl:

Lingerie Bowl 2004-2009

Lingerie Football League:

Lingerie Football League 2009-2012

Legends Football League:

Legends Football League | United States 2013-2018

Legends Football League Australia 2013-14

Pretty Girls Football League (Mexico):

Pretty Girls Football League 2017