Legends Football League, Rival Pro Leagues

Legends Football League | United States 2013-2018

LFL US 2013

Northeastern Division
*Baltimore Charm43106870.750
*Philadelphia Passion42117365.625
Cleveland Crush413096106.250
Southeastern Division
*Atlanta Steam42119194.625
Jacksonville Breeze42209441.500
Omaha Heart41302066.250
Pacific Division
*Seattle Mist4400169701.000
*Los Angeles Temptation42119368.625
Las Vegas Sin413092160.250
Midwestern Division
*Chicago Bliss43106044.750
Green Bay Chill4130126130.250
Minnesota Valkyrie403120103.125

Reference: [1]

DDivisional Playoff
17.08.13Atlanta Steam20Philadelphia Passion 28
17.08.13Chicago Bliss19Los Angeles Temptation12
Conference Championships
24.08.13Baltimore Charm19Philadelphia Passion20
24.08.13Seattle Mist14Chicago Bliss31
Legends Cup 2013Orleans Arena, Las Vegas
01.09.13Philadelphia Passion14Chicago Bliss33

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LFL US 2014

Eastern Conference
*Atlanta Steam53119869.700
*Jacksonville Breeze42116632.625
Omaha Heart42206357.500
Baltimore Charm41217873.375
Toledo Crush403140145.125
Western Conference
*Chicago Bliss6501182110.917
Seattle Mist4211113112625
*Los Angeles Temptation522111191.500
Las Vegas Sin413084122.250
Green Bay Chill403155104.125

Reference: [4]

Conference Championships
23.08.14Chicago Bliss40Los Angeles Temptation12
16.08.14Atlanta Steam20Jacksonville Breeze12
Legends Cup 2014Citizens Arena, Ontario, CA
06.09.14Atlanta Steam18Chicago Bliss24

Reference: [5]

LFL US 2015

Eastern Conference
*Chicago Bliss761023370.857
*Atlanta Steam6330255110.500
Omaha Heart606013327.000
Western Conference
*Seattle Mist8611217143.857
*Los Angeles Temptation7331154133.500
Las Vegas Sin604283185.167

Reference: [6]

Conference Championships
15.08.15Chicago Bliss41Atlanta Steam6
15.08.15Los Angeles Temptation24Seattle Mist28
Legends Cup 2015Showare Center, Kent, WA
23.08.15Seattle Mist27Chicago Bliss21

Reference: [7]

LFL US 2016

Eastern Conference
*Chicago Bliss6510264129.833
*Atlanta Steam5131160102.300
Omaha Heart413038236.250
New England Liberty403134138.125
Western Conference
*Seattle Mist6420194111.833
*Dallas Desire5320197116.600
Los Angeles Temptation4310127110.750
Austin Acoustic413088160.250

Reference: [8]

20.08.16Chicago Bliss30Atlanta Steam25
20.08.16Seattle Mist44Dallas Desire6
Legends Cup 2016
27.08.16Seattle Mist26Chicago Bliss31

Reference: [9]

LFL US 2017

Eastern Conference
*Chicago Bliss541025947.800
*Atlanta Steam6330206150.500
Pittsburgh Rebellion413056144.250
Omaha Heart413060166.250
Western Conference
*Seattle Mist6600378731.000
*Los Angeles Temptation541020282.800
Austin Acoustic404091231.000
Denver Dream40406363.000

Reference: [10]

Conference Championships
20.08.17Seattle Mist28Los Angeles Temptation13
20.08.17Chicago Bliss6Atlanta Steam14
Legends Cup 2017Citizens Bank Arena, Ontario, CA
03.09.17Seattle Mist38Atlanta Steam28

Reference: [11]

LFL US 2018

Eastern Conference
*Chicago Bliss6600233831.000
*Nashville Knights541027488.800
Atlanta Steam4220132127.500
Omaha Heart422033183.500
Western Conference
*Austin Acoustic6330137166.500
Seattle Mist4130125153.250
*Los Angeles Temptation5140112117.200
Denver Dream404054171.000

Reference: [12]

Conference Championships
25.08.18Austin Acoustic32Los Angeles Temptation30
25.08.18Nashville Knights6Chicago Bliss18
Legends Cup 2018H-E-B Center, Cedar Park, TX
08.09.18Chicago Bliss28Austin Acoustic20

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Following claims of sexism the Lingerie Football League ditched the Lingerie Kit the Women had to wear and adopted shorts and crop-tops, changing its name to the Legends Football League in the process.

The newly-named Legends Cup was won in 2013 by Chicago Bliss, 33-14 over Philadelphia Passion. They won again the following year, 24-18 over Atlanta Steam. They were unable to win three-in-a-row however, losing the 2015 Cup 27-21 to Seattle Mist, before gaing revenge in Legends Cup 2016, beating the same opposition 31-26.

The 2017 edition of the Legends Cup went back to Seattle with the Mist defeating Atlanta Steam 38-28, before Chicago Bliss became the winningest team in Legends Cup History with victory in the 2019 Legends Cup, defeating Austin Acoustic 28-20



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Thanks to Barbara Perry, Lorna Rose Masterson & Sarah Jane Masterson

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