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National Football League | American Bowl Pre-Season Games in Europe 1986-1997


American Bowls in Europe 1986-1997


Date Venue Winning Team Runners-Up
03.08.86 London, ENG Chicago Bears 17 Dallas Cowboys 6
09.08.87 London, ENG LA Rams 28 Denver Broncos 7
31.07.88 London, ENG Miami Dolphins 27 San Francisco 49ers 21
06.08.89 London, ENG Philadelphia Eagles 17 Cleveland Browns 13
05.08.90 London, ENG New Orleans Saints 17 LA Raiders 10
11.08.90 Berlin, GER LA Rams 19 Kansas City Chiefs 3
28.07.91 London, ENG Buffalo Bills 17 Philadelphia Eagles 13
03.08.91 Berlin, GER San Francisco 49ers 21 Chicago Bears 7
15.08.92 Berlin, GER Miami Dolphins 31 Denver Broncos 27
16.08.92 London, ENG San Francisco 49ers 17 Washington Redskins 15
01.08.93 Barcelona, ESP San Francisco 49ers 21 Pittsburgh Steelers 14
07.08.93 Berlin, GER Minnesota Vikings 20 Buffalo Bills 6
31.07.94 Barcelona, ESP LA Raiders 25 Denver Broncos 22
13.08.94 Berlin, GER NY Giants 28 San Diego Chargers 20
27.07.97 Dublin, IRL Pittsburgh Steelers 30 Chicago Bears 17




The American Bowl, played in Europe from 1986-1997, was the first NFL attempt at promoting the game on the continent. It followed on from regular weekly highlight broadcasts on National TV, and featured Pre-Season games between NFL teams. Matches were played in London, Berlin, Barcelona and Dublin, with the NFL focussing on promoting the World League of American Football / NFL Europe League from 1995 onwards, with the Pittsburgh Steelers v Chicago Bears game in Dublin in 1997, being the last in Europe (a 30-17 win for the Steelers). The American Bowl continued to be held in Tokyo, Mexico City & Sydney from the mid-1990s onwards.







[1] National Football League (2014) “2014 National Football League Record & Factbook | International Games” pg. 508. New York, USA




Thanks to Cillian Smith, Michael Smith & Michael Brophy, Irish American Football Association


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