Legends Football League, Lingerie Bowl

Lingerie Bowl 2004-2009

Lingerie Bowls 2004-2009


Date Bowl Winners Runners-Up
01.02.2004 I Team Dream 6 Team Euphoria 0
05.02.2006 III New York Euphoria 13 Los Angeles Temptation 12
2007 IV Cancelled
2008 V Cancelled
2009 VI Cancelled

References: [1][2][3][4]



The Lingerie Bowl was conceived as a Rival to the NFL Super Bowl Half-Time Show which some fans had said was too boring and long.

It was aired at the same time as the Super Bowl Half-Time Show on a Rival Network, and featured two teams of scantilly-clad Models & Actresses, repesenting New York Euphoria & Los Angeles Temptation. Euphoria won Lingerie Bowls I & III.

Lingerie Bowls IV-VI were cancelled, the first two due to failing to reach agreement with a TV Network, and VI due to a dispute with a local Nudist Resort near Tampa Bay, where it was due to be played.

The one-off Bowl became the Lingerie Football League in 2010, playing a full season.





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Thanks to Irene Carroll, Margaret Williams & Emily.


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