Flag Football, Irish International Flag Football

Anglo-Irish Flag Football Challenge 1997-2005


Results 1997-2005

Year Home Team   Away Team  
1997 Drimnagh Cycos 12 Leicester Europa Eagles 6
1998 Leicester Europa Eagles 24 Drimnagh Cycos 12
1999 Drimnagh Cycos 20 Leicester Europa Eagles 12
2000-01 Leicester Europa Eagles 8 Drimnagh Cycos 12
2001 Drimnagh Cycos 49 Leicester Europa Eagles 6
2002 Drimnagh Cycos 12 Leicester Europa Eagles 12
2003 Drimnagh Cycos 6 Leicester Europa Eagles 12
2004 Drimnagh Cycos 6 Leicester Europa Eagles 26
2005 Drimnagh Cycos 6 Leicester Europa Eagles 34


Note: the 2000 fixture was held over to 2001

Record: Drimnagh Cycos 4 Wins / Leicester Europa Eagles 4 Wins / 1 Tie



From 1997 to 2005 the Drimnagh Cycos (Ireland) and the Leicester Europa Eagles (England) competed for the Anglo-Irish Flag Football Challenge Trophy. These matches were the first International matches involving Irish or British Flag Football Teams. Matches played in Leiceser were played under 5-a-side Rules while matches in Dublin were played under Irish 7-a-side Rules, where every man is an eligible receiver, which was then-current in Ireland.


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Thanks to Southwest Jets, Dublin Flag Football League, 1995 & John Kane & Andrew Coleman.

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